Endemism in the highlands and escarpments of Angola and Namibia: our new edited book is out!

Being a book editor is no small entreprise. And when the book is composed of 26 chapters, written by more than 50 authors, it make the task even more challenging!

But, of course, that didn’t scare John Mendeldsohn our former director to stand up to the task a few years ago, accompanied by Brian Huntley and Pedro Vaz Pinto. And so the plan of compiling a book on endemism in the highlands of Namibia and Angola was hatched and put into motion.

Their endaevour has now come to an end and the monogrpah is finally published. We congratulate and thank all the authors and editors for compiling such a valuable source of information and knowledge on the endemic species inhabiting our highlands!

You can download the full monograph on the Namibian Journal of Environment here: https://nje.org.na/index.php/nje