Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park’s diverse landscapes harbor some of the most elusive species across Africa. Fortunately, camera traps allow us to delve into the world of cryptic creatures and shed light on their hidden lives. Our remote cameras detected two Read more

Behavioural dynamics of the African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) in North-East Namibia using Model-Based Suitability, Connectivity, Movement and Genetic Analysis

Hello, I’m Saskia Borger, a recent graduate from the Technical University of Munich. I completed my Master’s thesis in collaboration with the Ongava Research Centre (ORC) and the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism in Namibia. Born and raised Read more

How old is your fairy?

People travel from far to see iconic elephants, rhinos and lions in Ongava – three of the Big Five. Ecologists laud these animals for being ecosystem engineers. But how do these bulky animals that aren’t much good at surviving Read more

Endemism in the highlands and escarpments of Angola and Namibia: our new edited book is out!

Being a book editor is no small entreprise. And when the book is composed of 26 chapters, written by more than 50 authors, it make the task even more challenging!

But, of course, that didn’t scare John Mendeldsohn our Read more

Hot from the press: Our carnivore work in the Greater Etosha Landscape

You can now head to the Conservation Namibia magazine webpage to have a read about the work we are conducting with our collaborators on carnivores in the Greater Etosha Landscape:

Thank you to the Namibian Chamber of Environment Read more