Endemism in the highlands and escarpments of Angola and Namibia: our new edited book is out!

Being a book editor is no small entreprise. And when the book is composed of 26 chapters, written by more than 50 authors, it make the task even more challenging!

But, of course, that didn’t scare John Mendeldsohn our Read more

Seminar Series well underway

In July of this year ORC hosted its inaugural seminar in a series of talks, which are meant to bring our work and that of our collaborators and partners closer to those beyond the boundaries of Ongava. As we Read more

Highlight on collared carnivores in Etosha

If you have visited Etosha National Park in the past 2 years, chances are that you saw lions or spotted hyaenas wearing radio collars. If you are a photography enthusiast like me, you also probably complain about how these Read more