Crouching lion & coursing hyaenas: Which one zebras are more afraid of?

Predators and their prey have complex relationships that are influenced by a range of factors. Each predator species has its own preferences for what prey to eat, which can be affected by its size, sociality, habitat, season, and more. Read more

19°S: Space use by spotted hyaenas

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

If you are a large carnivore enthusiast, you probably have heard that they are wide ranging species requiring a lot of space to establish their home ranges countless times. But how much space is “a Read more

Our new spotted hyaena paper – Dyads and Networks

If you ask me, the spotted hyaena is one of the most interesting and exciting species to study. One of the reasons for that is that even though they live in large groups, all clan members are rarely, if Read more

ORC welcomes hyaena experts at its new facilities

In June 2019, ORC welcomed its first international visitors to a 3-day meeting of the Hyaena Distribution Mapping Project and the IUCN Hyaena Specialist Group. The event focussed on reviewing the updated range maps of all 4 Hyaenidae (Striped, Read more

Hyena Distribution Mapping Project

In June 2019, ORC will be hosting a 3-day workshop of the IUCN Hyena Specialist Group, the first of the group in two decades! This event will bring together hyena experts from Asia, Africa and Europe. The team will Read more