Counting giraffes at waterholes: which method to choose?

If you have been reading previous blogs, I am sure that by now, you are familiar with the fact that ecologists like to count things, especially animals! And wildlife managers like doing that even more than we do, maybe Read more

Social distancing in giraffes?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

In these troubled times, we are revisiting ‘historical’ data – our giraffe data from 2016. After identifying the individuals (see previous blog post in November 2019 here), we started to look at which individual Read more

Listening to giraffes: looking (literally!) for infra-sounds!

Have you ever heard what the call of a giraffe? No? Well, us neither! This is why 2 French researchers (Thierry Lengagne & Christophe Bonenfant) from Lyon University visited us in November. They brought along a very sensitive microphone Read more

How many giraffe live on Ongava?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Obtaining reliable estimate for wildlife population sizes is highly desirable for management and conservation purposes but it is rarely a straightforward exercise… However sometimes, nature makes it a bit easier for us, as some species Read more