Hyena Distribution Mapping Project

In June 2019, ORC will be hosting a 3-day workshop of the IUCN Hyena Specialist Group, the first of the group in two decades! This event will bring together hyena experts from Asia, Africa and Europe. The team will start analysing the vast amounts of information collected by the Hyena Distribution Mapping Project that started in 2018. This project aims to compile a world-wide database of important hyena data, and for all four species: the spotted, striped and brown hyena, and the aardwolf. During the workshop, the team will update hyena distribution maps and review known population numbers and then identify conservation needs for each species. To date the project has received information from hundreds of researchers, protected area managers, amateur naturalists, and sourced additional observations from the media and the internet. The response has been nothing but phenomenal! Ongava supports three species of wild hyena.

Here’s a recent Facebook update of the Hyena Distribution Mapping Project