Highlight on collared carnivores in Etosha

If you have visited Etosha National Park in the past 2 years, chances are that you saw lions or spotted hyaenas wearing radio collars. If you are a photography enthusiast like me, you also probably complain about how these collars ruined your pictures… And as you are likely passionate about wildlife, you might have wondered why these animals were collared and if these devices have an impact on their behaviour.

To address these concerns and answer these questions, we designed posters that are now in the process of being displayed across Etosha (at the entrance gates, receptions, petrol stations…) and in the neighbouring lodges.

There, you will find a wealth of information about these collars, why and by whom they were deployed and what we can learn from the precious data they collect.

The posters are shown below and were developed by our former UGA outreach intern, Rhys Medcalfe.

If you have any questions about these, and our carnivore work in Etosha, please feel free to reach out us here: gecp.info@orc.eco.